Friends of the Bees

Together, we can make the world a better place for pollinators!

- by creating more pollinator-friendly habitat
- by discouraging the use of 'pesticides'
- by planting and encouraging native, flowering plants
- by encouraging beekeepers to adopt more 'nature-friendly' methods
- by promoting the use of native, or near-native bees and discouraging imports

Help us support essential pollinators
We are a small charity with no paid staff and low overheads, trying to do a lot with a little. Even a small amount every month from the many who support our aims will make a big difference.
Please help support our work with a regular donation, however small.

If you can't do PayPal, the easiest way to make a donation is by direct bank transfer. If you wish to make a regular donation, we recommend that you set up a Standing Order from your bank, as that keeps it under your control. I have spoken to our bank and it seems that we are too small in terms of turnover to be able to operate Direct Debits.

You can transfer or set up a Standing Order using the following details:

Co-Operative Bank account number 65354610

Sort code 08-92-99

HMRC Charity number for Gift Aid XT 20228

Thank you for your support.

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