Friends of the Bees

Together, we can make Britain a better place for pollinators!

- by discouraging the use of 'pesticides'
- by creating more pollinator-friendly habitat
- by planting and encouraging native, flowering plants
- by encouraging beekeepers to adopt more 'nature-friendly' methods
- by promoting the nurturance of native bees and discouraging imports

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Friends of the Bees

A message to members and supporters

First of all, a big thank you for your support! We could not operate without you.

If you are a current member and you receive a renewal notice, please ignore it, as we are revising our membership structure.

Our existing system is being replaced by a simpler one, whereby we will welcome supporters, but will not have a formal subscription or membership system.

We will also cease to offer new insurance cover with immediate effect, although if you are a UK Beekeeper member who has paid the premium, you will be covered by our current policy until it expires. The directors have reached this decision due to an increasing administrative burden, and following advice that the terms of the existing policy may expose our members to excessive risk should there be more than one claim within the policy period.

We have had several requests from members to amend email addresses, upgrade or cancel subscriptions, or other admin operations. PLEASE NOTE: only YOU can edit your information, by logging into your account to change details, or by logging into your PayPal or credit/debit card account to change or cancel payment information. We do not have a full-time administrator and it may be some time before email requests can be dealt with, so please avoid giving us more work to do if possible.

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