Friends of the Bees

Together, we can make Britain a better place for pollinators!

- by discouraging the use of 'pesticides'
- by creating more pollinator-friendly habitat
- by planting and encouraging native, flowering plants
- by encouraging beekeepers to adopt more 'nature-friendly' methods
- by promoting the nurturance of native bees and discouraging imports

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Asian Hornet Watch

The Asian yellow-legged hornet, Vespa velutina, is a serious threat to British bees, birds and bats. As of April 2019, it has not been seen here since October 2018, but queens will only just have emerged and will be building nests, largely unseen. Wherever you live in the British Isles, it is important to be aware ot this invasive pest and to be able to distinguish it from other species, especially our native hornet, Vespa crabro, which may be our ally in keeping the invaders at bay.

Find out more about the Asian hornet

Check against look-alikes

Download this free identification poster, print and display it

Report sightings here (you will need to take at least one photograph to substantiate your sighting)

Download the Asian Hornet Watch Android app.

Download the Asian Hornet Watch iPhone app.

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